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Estancia Tres Lagos

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Nestled in the heart of Lanin National Park, Estancia Tres lagos is less than 2 hours away from San Martin de los Andes or Bariloche.

This family owned lodge is located on a 15,000 acres cattle ranch, where the Filo Hua Hum river flows trough.

The view from the main Lodge and cabins is just magnificent! Imagine a setting where you'll be overlooking a totally natural andean lake and the filo hua hum river valley with high mountain peaks.

The two comfortable cabins are only a few yards away from the main lodge. Both cabins with two separate bedrooms and bathrooms can accommodate a total of eight guests.

Enjoy exquisite homemade meals served with great Argentine wines, while you enjoy a relaxing and quiet atmosphere.

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big Atlantic salmon - trful river
Sight fishing and big browns


About 7 miles of the gin-clear Filo Hua Hum River flows through Tres Lagos property.

The access to the water is quick and easy using the ranch internal roads.

The Filo Hua Hum is well known for offering perfect conditions for sight-fishing, providing the extra challenge and adrenaline rush for those anglers who are willing to wait till we find the right target. Many of the brown trout we spot easily go over 20", which is without a doubt is something you don't see in every river.They will rise to a big dry fly with the right cast!

A good population of rainbows and browns move through the river early in the season (from early November until late January). Some of them are resident, but others are just passing through, since the Filo Hua Hum river connects two lakes.

Fishing the Filo Hua Hum river is entirely wading, and the lodge has only room for 8 anglers, so there is plenty of uncrowded water to cover during your stay.

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the Malalco stream - a peace of water you will never forget
Fly fishing FILO lakes


Estancia Tres lagos is located steps away from the Filo Hua Hum Lake offering an alternative to the river.

The fishing in the lake is really interesting. In many of the cases you are sight fishing, so spotting cruising trout and casting in their swimming path is very important and productive. These trout won't hesitate in rising to many different dry fly patterns, but during the hottest days of December and January, fish are constantly looking for dragon flies, so anything foamy and big that moves on the surface will make them crazy! It is really a lot of fun to see this good sized trout charging those flies!

The pristine lake holds an amazing number of rainbows and browns. There are also some good sized brook trout.

We do most of the fishing from drift boats, we will row the boat through differnt areas where the structure holds the biggest number of trout. Usually the best fishing happens not too far from reeds, logs and big rocks. This is a very comfortable way to fish.

For those who enjoy fishing from float tubes, we can offer to you our new fat-cats. They are very stable, float high and provide a different experience.

Lago Nuevo is about a 20 minutes drive from the lodge. This smaller mountain lake is where the Filo Hua Hum river begins, and its also a great alternative. The remote setting and spectacular scenery adds and extra element to the fishing day. We normally use the fat-cats there.

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fly fishing shots from theFILO HUA HUM River

Activities for non-anglers

For those who are not interested in fishing, we can arrange beforehand serveral activities that would be a lot of fun to do around the ranch and The Lanin National Park area.

mountain bicking filo hua hum

From easy hikes to more challenging ones through beautiful mountain trails, mountain biking, bird watching, canoeing, kayaking can be arranged for an extra guide (with extra charge).

canoeing in the national park lakes

Please remember to mention your interest in non-fishing activities during your planing stage. Each activity might require a different guide.

Estancia Tres Lagos Overview

wade fishing icon
Private access to
Filo Hua Hum River
(7 miles)
Filo Hua Hum Lake and Lago Nuevo (lake at the head of the river)
Number of Rods
8 rods max
4 rooms with private bathrooms (2 cabins)
ONLY Wading
Sections with sand, others mid size boulders, still OK. a few rock areas too.
Suggested tackle
4wt - 6wt rods, WF-F lines (floating lines)
Waters recommended for anglers with some experience.
Expert anglers will face real challenge oportunities!!!
Access to river
Very Fast and easy using internal roads (from 5 to 10 minutes)
2 hour + drive from Chapelco airport.
2 hour drive from San Martin de los Andes
2 hour drive from Bariloche Airport
Suggested Nights
  from 2 to 4 nights
  220 v (generator does not run during the better light hours, usually we a re out fishing)
Laundry, telephone, fax, limited internet access (free wi-fi access)
Other Activities
Horse back riding, Trekking, bird watching
guided tours to Bariloche or San Martin de los Andes Town, 7 lakes road and more..... (please inquire, not all are included and some have to be programmed before your arrival)
Lla Llao or Chapelco Golf
6 to 12 months ahead !
Busier time is from December 15 until late January
Low season rates Not available