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Estancia Rio Quillen

Rio Quillen lodge from the sky
Rio Quillen main lodge photo
Rio Quillen main house photo
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inside the quillen cabin photo
a sky view from the quillen river
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Estancia Rio Quillen......

Built with oak and local timber, Rio Quillen Lodge is located on a 45,000 acres cattle ranch, about 2 and 1/2 hours North from San Martin de los Andes Airport.

The beautiful and unique house overlooks the Quillen River valley, offering amazing views from most of the rooms, dinning room and living room with an incredible balcony & deck!

The main house offers 6 cozy bedrooms with private bathroomts. Common spaces are very functional and nicely decorated. The wooden floors and a big fire place in the living room add extra coziness and charm.

All inclusive style service, offering excellent cuisine with a nice home made touch served with nice Argentine wines, buffet style breakfast, after fishing snacks and bar, and more.

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Lodging at the Cabin- Perfect for families

From November to late December, we have exclusive access to one specific cabin at the ranch, that its just perfect for big gourps or families.

The cabing has two floors, in each one of them, there is a complete bathroom, and we used it in several times for families with kids. Accommodations are very cozy, comfortable beds, 3 rooms upstairs and 2 downstairs

It is just a great solution if you are looking for a family vacation where you can go fishing and the kids might want to fish or do something else.

The access to the river is exactly the same, non-fishing activities are available incluidng horse back riding, hicking, dat a the lake, mountain bicking.

This option is not available every season, so let us check it for you.

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a couple of photos from the Quillen riverr
gin clear and cool waters, great hatches and beautiful trout


About 8 miles of the most crystal clear water of the Quillen River run through this ranch.

Famous among the dry fly fanatics, the Quillen offers a wide variety of water structure and bottoms providing a perfect habitat for a good population of rainbows and browns that are activelly feeding and rising through most of the season.

This big estancia provides also access to the Malaco and Caballadas (not open every season) spring creeks, and to the beautiful Quillen lake.

jus big massive brown trout
The Quillen River


THE QUILLEN RIVER is a moderate to small sized river originated in the Andes Mountains. Flowing out from Quillen Lake heading south-west till it meets the Aluminé river. Weed beds flats, riffles, cut banks with deep pools, willow lines along some of the banks provide a variety of water and perfect habitat for trout.

Light tackle & Sight Fishing makes this river one of the favourite in the list.

Average trout run from 16 " to 20" but in many cases big browns (over 6 pounds) decide to take our small dries and test hooks and tippets to the limit!

Different hatches cycle around the day, but the evening ones can be just amazing, especially caddiss and big Goddard's.

A mix between sand, small gravel and mid size boulders can be find along most of the stretches we fish, which makes wadding very easy.

The access to the fishing areas is very easy and fast. Estimate 5 to 15 minutes.

For those who enjoy hiking, The Malalco River offers one of the best sight fishing around the area, surrounded by incredible scenary and almost untouched waters.

Consider Late December, January and early February as prime time to fish the Quillen, although the fishing is good through the entire season.

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fly fishing shots from the Quillen and Malalco rivers

Estancia Rio Quillen Overview

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Private access to
  Quillen River
(10+ miles)
  Malalco Spring Creek
      Caballadas Spring Creek (not every season)
    Quillen lake
Number of Rods
  12 max
  6 double rooms in the main house + 2 log cabins (6 guests)
  Very easy to easy. Mainly sand and thin gravel. Small rock areas are still OK.
Suggestet Tackle
  3wt - 5wt rods, WF-Floating lines
  Everyone will enjoy this river.
      From de Middle of February on, it turns to be more technical due to the lower water level
Access to river
  Very Fast and easy using internal roads (from 5 to 15 minutes)
  2+ hours away from Chapelco airport.
      2 hour 20 minutes from San Martin de los Andes
      4+ hour drive from Bariloche
Suggested Nights
  from 3 to 4 nights
  220 v- self generated
  Laundry, telephone, fax,very limited internet access (very slow dial-up)
  Every day home made meals!
Other Activities
  Trekking, bird watching, horse back riding, bicycles, more
      Float trips on the Alumine.
    Fish Dry Flies in the Quillen lake from a motorboat.
  6 to 12 months ahead !
      Busier time is from December 24 until mid February
      Low season rates (not every season, please ask!)